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Experiential Session - FULL, wait list available

Attendees enjoy a variety of training implementation techniques. These may include balloon art, yoga, song writing, or the occasional dance move. Experiential sessions provide unique, hands-on, tactile learning environments.  

Session Times: TBD 
Session Description Deadline: February 2020


• 1 hour long session on the EXPO floor during unopposed hours 

• 20’x 30’ carpeted space on the EXPO Floor, perimeter seating (approximately 20 seats), one skirted head table, one flip chart, one wireless handheld microphone, an internet connection, and plasmas to show your presentation. (If you require any other equipment, please contact the appropriate vendor as listed in the Exhibitor Service Manual and make the necessary arrangements). 

• Session description in 2020 Program Guide and on the conference website 

• Session signage with logo 

* Note experiential sessions do not include any conference registrations 
*These opportunities are reserved for exhibiting companies 


Investment: $3,500

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