Be A Part of ATDtv - Give Your Company’s Message a Global Reach! 

Professional television crews will be capturing breaking news, industry trends, and one-on-one interviews with industry leaders at ATD’s 2019 International Conference & Expo. Now, you can be part of the action. Deliver your custom message digitally to your target audience by showcasing your company on ATD-tv.

Video content will be: 

• Played on video screens at the convention center 

• Emailed to entire ATD database (90,000+ different people). 

• Posted on 

• Broadcast continuously in main hotel guest rooms 

• Played in hotel shuttle buses 

Advertorial Sponsor:  

• Company will receive a 2 to 3 minute custom advertorial. 

• Professionally shot and edited video at your booth on the showroom floor 

• Advertorials are anchored by a professional television journalist and include b-roll footage and graphic 

• Additionally, you will receive an HD version of the video for your marketing purposes 

• From that advertorial content, a 15-20 second 'interview' portion will be played in one daily reel 

• During interview portion, screen will have banner showcasing SME name, company and booth number 




• Two (2) Advertorial Sponsors 

• For $2,500 additional, one can add their logo as the watermark for Monday reel 


• Two (2) Advertorial Sponsors 

• For $2,500 additional, one can add their logo as the watermark for Tuesday reel 


• One (1) Advertorial Sponsor 

• Includes brand as watermark for Wednesday reel  


Investment: $7,500

Contact us today to secure your ATDtv Sponsorship Package


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