Cyber Center & Charging Station Sponsor $7,500 - SOLD

Just like any traveling professional, ATD attendees need to stay connected. The Cyber Center and Charging Stations offer the largest free standing opportunity inside and outside of the EXPO hall.

By the Numbers:
With more than 10,000 attendees in 2018, the Cyber Center and Charging stations will be accessed thousands of times per day.


  • Cyber Center in 2 locations

    • Logo on computer wallpaper and company name on all screen savers associated with the Cyber Center

    • Sponsor website as the opening browser on each computer in the Cyber Center

    • Literature rack available for sponsor

  • Charging Stations in 2 locations (one inside EXPO hall and one outside)

    • Sponsor recognition on signage at charging station

    • Opportunity for sponsor to provide table drops/literature at the charging station

  • Logo recognition via onsite signage, and the 2019 Program Guide