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ATDtv Exclusive Sponsor at ATD 2019 International Conference $40,000

ATDtv, produced by Convention News Television, provides on-going and up-to-the-minute news coverage of ATD 2019. Displaying on the dark channels of 3,500+ rooms in the ATD housing block, on monitors placed throughout the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, on ATD official shuttle buses, and emailed to all conference attendees daily. This is the best way to get in front of thousands of sets of eyes. 



  • (4) Four, 5 – 7 minute daily video reels (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)


  • Emailed every day to all 10,000 conference attendees
  • Emailed to ATD's list of 90,000 training & talent professionals (non-attendees)
  • Running daily on a loop on up to 25 shuttles equipped with video (video will not run on Tuesday night during Networking Night)
  • Running in approx. 3,500 hotel rooms in up to 10 different hotels
  • Running daily on a loop at the ATD Central booth on the EXPO floor
  • Posted on YouTube (9,000 total minutes of consumption in 2017)

Sponsor benefits:

  • Up to 60-seconds of editorial coverage produced daily by Convention News Television from the ATDtv Sponsor and included in all four (4) reels
    • Note: Content should be meaningful  and non-commercial 
  • Verbal mention of the sponsor's name during the introduction of the daily episode in every reel
  • Graphic banner with booth location that pops up for 15-seconds during the report
  • Sponsor logo placed as a watermark on the lower right corner of the screen during the broadcast when appropriate
  • Post-Event - Sponsor may provide 15-30 second video advertisement to be added as pre-roll to ATDtv.  ATD ensures a minimum of 5,000 views on this archived content
  • Year-round exposure for sponsor alongside ATD's marketing initiative related to ATDtv (print, email, website, etc...)